Auto-register clusters in MC

Is there any way to feed information about clusters to MC?

I have a deployment scenario which deploys Vertica and an option to deploy MC.

I would like to connected freshly deployed cluster to MC but can't find any option other than using web UI.

Hacking internal Derby database is fine, but can't figure out an algorithm which console is using to "encrypt" passwords for databases.

For user encryption it's plain md5sum over a password (shame on HP, no salting!!!) but for database it's a little but more complicated.

Can anybody suggest a way to auto register clusters & databases in existing MC before I start to write form-filler application?


  • As of 7.1 this is made even little harder, since now not only an IP address is required, but also the API key.
    So, I would say, the answer to your question is no.
  • API key isn't an issue, it stored as plaintext in AGENT_CONNECTIONS.API_KEY field. Passwords are my current issue.

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