Will Vertica CE installed and be supported on RedHat Developer Suite?

I am working on a Proof of Concept with the possibility (POC only) of installing Vertica CE on the RedHat Developer Suite version of RedHat (rather than RHEL).  It does say that DS does make code for RHEL 5 and 6 (I think it was).

I know I can mess with the Vertica install to avoid the checks but is DS considered supported for CE?

DS would NOT be used in production regardless of POC use.


  • Hello Katherine,

    I reached out to an internal team to get some clarification on this issue. I will provide you with some additional information shortly.

  • Hello Katherine,

    We support the same Operating Systems on both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Those are:

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

    Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 - Red Hat Compatible Kernel only - HP Vertica does not support the unbreakable kernel (kernels with a uel suffix)

    Debian Linux 6

    Cent OS 5 and 6

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    These Operating Systems can be found at:


    So, to answer your question, we do not support the Developers Suite version of Red Hat.

  • Thanks for confirming Rory.  I knew the supported platforms but wasn't sure if the DS fit into the RHEL "box" as RedHat said DS can generate RHEL 5 and 6 code.

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