How to design RAID Storage for 3 Node Vertica cluster using ESXi and RHEL 6x


I am new to using Vertica and I have some questions about configuring backend storage for use with Vertica. I have read most of the Installation documentation but a few points are  not clear to me.

The intended configuration is as follows:

- VMware ESXi 5.1x on a Dell R720 with 128gb of RAM and 2 X physical processors with 6 cores each at 2.5ghz

-Backend storage would be 8 x 600gb 15k SAS drives configured as a contiguous RAID 10 volume

Each of the 3 Vertica Nodes will be installed on RHEL 6.x using the CE license and will have 30gb of RAM a piece.

The issue I am confused about is how Vertica will use the available storage. The RAID volume itself will have 2.4TB of space but how will each of the nodes use it?

When I provision the VM's will I need to give each of the 3 nodes an 800gb volume? 

How much data duplication should I account for when operating at k1 safety?

The intent is to provide enough disk at the outset to be able to operate up to the 1TB limit for our initial stage of deployment. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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