How to Join Oracle Table with Vertica Table

In one scenario we want to Join Source Oracle Table with Target Vertica Table.

We have a table in Oracle DB called TableA with columns col1 and col2

We want to extract records from TableA using Join with TableB which is in Vertica DB.

TableB has col2 and col3 . Join is based on col2

Sample Query:

select TableA.col1,TableA.col2 from TableA join TableB on TableA.col2=TableB.col2 

Is there a way we can use the above query and load in TableB ?


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Mayank,

    These is no such thing like linked servers / database link / federated databases supported by Vertica. So you cannot perform a join between a table in Oracle and a table in Vertica.

    However, one possible solution to this could be:
    1. Get the source Table into Vertica from Oracle
    2. Perform the join 
    3. Send the result set back to Oracle.

    Pulling and pushing data between Oracle and Vertica is possible using ODBC loader package provided by Vertica
    Vertica ODBC loader

    Hope this helps.

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