Unable to download vertica 7.0.x client package for Windows 64bit

I keep getting this message when i try to click on "Update Profile/Download" from the below link.
Not sure what information is missing there as i see all the information has been updated. Please let me know where i could download ODBC drivers for Vertica 7.0.1-2. I have been trying to get these drivers from today morning and no luck yet. No proper response from support and No information on the drivers availability.



  • same problem.. atleast throw the correct message.. this is non sense
  • same problem here...
  • Hi,
    Has anyone figured out the download as we are getting same message with multiple accounts?

  • HI, I really need the  7.0 drivers for windows.

  • Hi Enrique!

    Wayne Wong updated this branch that drivers are download-able. I can't download. Can you post your feedback too?

  • Having the same issue with the download attempt, I can't get past the edit profile screen.

  • Has anyone figure out how to download Vertica Community Edition? I am getting same error message ".. missing information in account..." However, I am able to download HP Distributed R. Please help.





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