sql on hadoop vs Flex Zone

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I have read the new SQL on Hadoop datasheet. But I am not able to see the technical details how it works. So my question is,... what is the difference between the new "SQL on Hadoop" versus the already existing "FlexZone"?

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  • Hi ,
    One of the major differences is regarding where your data to be exists , SQL on Hadoop provide you Hive like interface on top of Hadoop data , you will be able to run SQL queries on top of your HDFS external file system  so you will be able to use your existing BI tool on top of Hadoop data store  , on the other hand  in  Flex zone   the data is store on your Vertica  cluster  ,  of course there are many other capability’s that   Flex zone    provide that I not mention .

  • Thanks Eli.

    If I may expand on this a bit:  FlexZone is about *how* your data is stored.  SQL on Hadoop is about *where* your data is stored.

    FlexZone is about working with differently-structured data.  Hierarchical JSON files, map-structured data, CSV's where you don't know the content up front, etc.

    SQL on Hadoop is about working with data that's stored in HDFS, or is otherwise accessible via Hadoop.  That data is often very well structured, with a well-known structure.  It's just stored in HDFS.

    It's entirely possible to put a Flex table on Hadoop (via an HDFS storage location or an external table).  In some situations this can be very useful.


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