Vertica Pulse got socket closed abnormally

Hi Vertica Pulse Team,

I'm trying Vertica Pulse 7.1.1 on CentOS 6.6 x86_64 running with Vertica 7.1.1-0 and it gets socket closed abnormally exception:

2014-12-10 15:09:59.444 [Java-23379] 0x14 com.vertica.sdk.UdfException: Socket Socket[addr=/,port=49898,localport=47523] has been closed abnormally
        at com.vertica.udxfence.UDxRPCMessage.recvall(
        at com.vertica.udxfence.UDxRPCMessage.recv(

Are there any parameters that we should change to solve the problem?



  • Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    select set_debug_log('EE','UDX_FENCE');

    Check the details in UDxLogs if you can find the cause of the failure.

    and then clear

    select clear_debug_log('ee','udx_fence');

  • PRanaPRana Employee
    HI John,

    This is a normal message that we see when vertica closes the socket to the java side process. Does you query error out?

  • Hi Prasanta, Pratibha,

    Many thanks for your support.
    This is the query error:

    ERROR 3399:  Failure in UDx RPC call InvokeProcessPartition(): Error in User Defined Object [SentimentAnalysis], error code: 0
    String index out of range: -1

    I turned on the debug log and got additional log before socket closed:

    2014-12-18 11:34:21.255 [Java-2224] 0x1f [DEBUG] processPartitionForUDT for 'SentimentAnalysis' (com.vertica.SentimentUDx.SentimentAnalysisDefaultFactory) in [/home/dbadmin/big/v_big_node0002_catalog/Libraries/public_SentimentLib_45035996273738278/public_SentimentLib_45035996273738278.jar]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.255 [Java-2224] 0x1f [DEBUG] calling processPartitionForUDT()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.257 [Java-2224] 0x1e [DEBUG] returned from processPartitionForUDT()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.267 [Java-2224] 0x01 [DEBUG] Created thread 0x21 on socket=Socket[addr=/,port=53500,localport=57673]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.267 [Java-2224] 0x21 [DEBUG] UDxExecContext()::run()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.269 [Java-2224] 0x21 [DEBUG] cancel for 'name not yet bound' () in []
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.269 [Java-2224] 0x21 [DEBUG] calling cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.270 [Java-2224] 0x21 [DEBUG] returned from cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.271 [Java-2224] 0x01 [DEBUG] Created thread 0x22 on socket=Socket[addr=/,port=53501,localport=57673]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.272 [Java-2224] 0x22 [DEBUG] UDxExecContext()::run()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.272 [Java-2224] 0x22 [DEBUG] cancel for 'name not yet bound' () in []
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.272 [Java-2224] 0x22 [DEBUG] calling cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.272 [Java-2224] 0x22 [DEBUG] returned from cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.273 [Java-2224] 0x22 [DEBUG] Terminating thread id = 0x22
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.273 [Java-2224] 0x23 [DEBUG] UDxExecContext()::run()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.273 [Java-2224] 0x21 [DEBUG] Terminating thread id = 0x21
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.273 [Java-2224] 0x01 [DEBUG] Created thread 0x23 on socket=Socket[addr=/,port=53502,localport=57673]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.273 [Java-2224] 0x23 [DEBUG] cancel for 'name not yet bound' () in []
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.275 [Java-2224] 0x23 [DEBUG] calling cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.275 [Java-2224] 0x23 [DEBUG] returned from cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.275 [Java-2224] 0x23 [DEBUG] Terminating thread id = 0x23
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.276 [Java-2224] 0x01 [DEBUG] Created thread 0x24 on socket=Socket[addr=/,port=53503,localport=57673]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.276 [Java-2224] 0x24 [DEBUG] UDxExecContext()::run()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.276 [Java-2224] 0x24 [DEBUG] cancel for 'name not yet bound' () in []
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.276 [Java-2224] 0x24 [DEBUG] calling cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.276 [Java-2224] 0x24 [DEBUG] returned from cancel()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.277 [Java-2224] 0x24 [DEBUG] Terminating thread id = 0x24
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.300 [Java-2224] 0x18 [DEBUG] returned from processPartitionForUDT()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.307 [Java-2224] 0x15 [DEBUG] destroy for 'SentimentAnalysis' (com.vertica.SentimentUDx.SentimentAnalysisDefaultFactory) in [/home/dbadmin/big/v_big_node0002_catalog/Libraries/public_SentimentLib_45035996273738278/public_SentimentLib_45035996273738278.jar]
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.307 [Java-2224] 0x15 [DEBUG] calling destroy()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.307 [Java-2224] 0x15 [DEBUG] returned from destroy()
    2014-12-18 11:34:21.309 [Java-2224] 0x15 com.vertica.sdk.UdfException: Socket Socket[addr=/,port=53285,localport=57673] has been closed abnormally
            at com.vertica.udxfence.UDxRPCMessage.recvall(
            at com.vertica.udxfence.UDxRPCMessage.recv(

  • PRanaPRana Employee
    Hi John,

    Can I get a look at your query and the UDx code. I'll be able to debug it better if I have a reproducer. The query error suggests a bug in the Udx code.

  • Hi Pratibha,

    Have you got any update from Vertica Pulse team regarding the UDx code?


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