Creating a 3 node cluster in one machine

Hello all,

I´m currently trying to create a 3 node cluster while using one server. Although, it seems that it is not possible to do so while only having one ip address. Any suggestions on some workarounds for this problem?

Using HP Vertica 7.1.1 Community Edition.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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    Hi Sergio,

    Vertica requires an IP address for each node. For community edition, you could run the three nodes in virtual machines on your single piece of hardware. This requires a Virtual Machine host, such as VMWare.

    However, you do not get any of the performance or redundancy benefits of using Vertica on 3 nodes versus a single node if the three nodes are virtual nodes on a single piece of hardware. But you can certainly use virtual machines for functional evaluation of a multi-node clusters.

    Hope that help!
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    If this is what you expect to hear!
    Docker - You can create virtual IPs - https://docs.docker.com/articles/networking/

    Definitely, will not recommend this way to evaluate Vertica for obvious reasons as Chris mentioned. A single node should perform better versus your three nodes on the same server. 

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