How long to expect registration to respond?

We're adding several new registrations to our account and at least one of them didn't get a response. 

How long should we expect to wait for a registration response?  Day, days, week?

I'm posting here because it doesn't seem like a  question/issue worthy of creating a support case for.



  • Hi Kurt,

    It might take few days. Please let me know if you have any request which is a old week.


  • I believe it's over a week already.  The account is for Paul Benson.
  • Hello Kurt,

    I created a case with our My Vertica team to get assistance with the registration process for your problematic accounts. They will contact you shortly with the next steps to take towards resolution.

  • Kurt,
     We will follow up with the customer account team and make sure that this gets done as soon as possible.  Apologies for the delay. 
  • Hi Amy,

    I've been out of the loop for a few days so I"m just reading this now.  Thanks for all the follow up on your end.

  • He should be all set. If not please let me know ASAP. Amy

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