Sql TIME data type is not fully supported by unixODBC driver


SQL standard defines data type TIME with precision, i.e. "HH:MM:SS.MSEC" , but unixODBC driver do not supports in floating point for TIME.

daniel@synapse:~$ isql Vertica
| Connected! |
| |
| sql-statement |
| help [tablename] |
| quit |
| |
SQL> select '13:14:15.161718'::TIME;
| ?column?|
| 13:14:15|

Looks like ODBC isn't supported (sorry, but its very hard to call it as "supported"):
  • no support for all data types (for Python its even worst - no support for intervals)
  • no support for profiling (you have to do some workaround to get query profiled via connectivity drivers)
  • no driver support for special Vertica features
  • can't process TIME ZONE because Vertica converts all to UTC and returns incorrect results (incorrect time zone).
No, it isn't calls as "protocol support".

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