webhdfs copy rejected data as table getting error

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Could some one please provide the necessary steps to set up a rejected data table for a COPY using WEBHDFS, and the rejected table should recide in a non-default location.



  • Hi!

    Kannan Kalimuthu:
    • HP Accredited Technical Professional
    • Cloudera certified Administrator/Developer for Apache Hadoop.
    With these skills I was hoping that you will clarify it to us :(
  • id10t ..... I guess you have a different kannan mentioned here .... :-) .. i am kannan nagaraj
  • Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    What syntax you are using for COPY from HDFS and write the reject data to a table?

    are you using
    => COPY <table_name> SOURCE-> Hdfs(url=....) rejected data as table <table_name>_rejects;
    Did you check if the data is also written in the below folder?
    Are you able to see the rejected data in the files as per the below?


    Viewing Rejected Rows and Exceptions COPY statements that use the HP Vertica Connector for HDFS use the same method for recording rejections and exceptions as other COPY statements. Rejected rows and exceptions are saved to log files. These log files are stored by default in the CopyErrorLogs subdirectory in the database's catalog directory.

  • @kannan

    Im apologize for mistake. What do you want? Im an idiot :)

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