ODBC Multiple commands cannot be active on the same connection

Through ODBC 7.1 using Access or Excel, then run a query to a large table (800 K rows) you cannot run other queries.The error appears when trying to run another query:

[Vertical][VerticaDSII] (10) An error occurred during query preparation:
Multiple commands can not be active on the same connection.
Consider increasing ResultBufferSize or fetching all results before initiating another command.

increase or set to zero ResultBufferSize does not resolve the issue, and expect that all rows are transferred is not an option (800K rows).

to reproduce the error from Access:
1 link 2 tables, at least one large (approximately 800 K rows).
2. double click to open the link table, close the data table view.
3 try to execute a query or open any other table.


to reproduce the error in Excel:
1. run a query using MS Query on a large table (800 K rows)
2 try to execute any other query.


versions 6.0-7.0 application freezes when attempting these operations to
but in the version 7.1 this error occurs: "Multiple commands can not be active on the same connection"

I think the problem is that the ODBC driver does not close the active queries before you run the following queries.
filter data before is not a solution, since it requires prior knowledge of the amount of data that contains the table.

in version 6.0, correctly closes the connection before executing the next. but the application freezes if two simultaneous queries are attempted.Ideally, the queries are closed before running the next (as in 6.0) and raise an error when attempting two simultaneous operations (as in 7.1)

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