How do I setup DBViaualizer to connect to vertica using Kerberos authentication?

I need to connect to linux based vertica 7.1 with windows based dbvisualizer thru jdbc. The documentation says to configure the JAASConfigName property as verticajdbc. I am not sure where to put the configuration file. Do you have any information on how to set this up?


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    You will need to use the "Driver Properties" feature to
    set them. You get to driver properties as follows:

    - Select the actual database connection in the tree
    • In the Connection tab select the Database Properties sub tab
    at the bottom
    - In the Category tree, choose "Driver Properties"

    Click the + icon below the list of properties and simply add
    the name of the parameter and its value. Repeat the above for
    the other parameters.

    Don't forget to press Apply when ready. Then simply Connect.

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    Thanks for your reply. I had just gotten this to work using the instructions in the vertica documentation but decided to try your way which was much simpler than editing the java.security file so I went back and removed the updates to that file, then simply added the correct parameters to the driver properties page and it connected properly.

    By the way, DBVisualizer version 9.2 has the java parameters already in the properties tab so there was no need to add them.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Also thanks to Evan for helping on this.

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