startup state from UP to SHUTDOWN

one node of three is stuck in the SHUTDOWN state and the other two are DOWN. the database is down ; I have tried to restarted the spredd ( SUCEES)and the verticad ( restart not ok) . so i'm stuck . Any suggestions? 


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    try to force it: define "--force"
    daniel@synapse:~$ /opt/vertica/bin/adminTools -t restart_node --help
    Usage: restart_node [options]

    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    -s NODES, --hosts=NODES
    comma-separated list of hosts to be restarted
    -d DB, --database=DB Name of database whose node is to be restarted
    -p DBPASSWORD, --password=DBPASSWORD
    Database password in single quotes
    -i, --noprompts do not stop and wait for user input(default false)
    -F, --force force the node to start and auto recover if necessary
    --compat21 Use Vertica 2.1 method using node names instead of

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    Hi Daniel posted a reply but I don't see it here ....
    Still ,  even though the db is now back up , question is why .  i found on the third node in its log the following message and quite a number of times :Unexpected EOF on client connection
    The issue came from somewhere .

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    I posted an answer and removed it, because my answer was irrelevant - Im not just an idiot, but blind too, missed that db is down.
    Sorry for confusion.

    About EOF:
    EOF is an explicit termination, the cause for the error has nothing to do with the database itself. Does Load Balancer is enabled?


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