How to change all 3 node's ip address in Vertica 7.1 version on AWS Server

Planning to change the IP address of the 3node production cluster which on AWS Server. Any one can share step by step process to do this?


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    I saw this link. But these steps are when the DB is up and running.
    In my case, system is down and IP address got changed when the system got reboot. Its happened on AWS. Can you give me some steps how to change the IP when the system is down?
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    Sorry, I can't because its require modification of database topology(Catalog) via Vertica Editor(VE). Vetica Editor tool should be used under HP Vertica Technical Support guidance, only. Im not an Vetica employee so I can't help you with it. VE can edit a Catalog structure when database is down.

    Are you enterprise customer? If so you can ask for Vertica Support assistance.

    Review this branch - https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/single_node_cluster_change_node_ip_address-14fuee

    Unfortunately branch is modified and important posts explains how to edit Catalog with VE are removed  :(((
    But you can check a cached version of a page instead of the current live version and you will find an instruction how to edit Catalog with VE. Find a cached version of a page for ~10-11 months ago. Use it on your own risk, i would recomment to try it on VMs before you do it on PROD environment.  :)))

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