Does Vertica support storage level encryption for data ?

Few databases support tablespace/file group level encryption. I understand that Vertica is already encoding/compressing data. However, would like to know if there are disk level/storage encryption options in Vertica.

Security audit always raises this question. If such encryption is not needed, Can someone also clarify why such a measure is not required when using Vertica?


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    Hi RK,

    Could you please have a look on below. It might be useful 

    In one of my project we used to have PHI data (healthcare domain) and we kept selected column encrypted by a a selected key and provided execute access on decrypt function to intended audience only.
    It ensured that only intended users could see decrypted data.

    Please let me know if reply was helpful or your question is something else. 

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    For what I understand you are looking disk encryption more than data encryption.

    For Disk encryption HP offers Atalla. It works just fine. The new DL380 G9 offers this solution out of box, just need to turn it on.  

    The Udx that Lakesh mention, it is also used by many customers. For a more robust data encryption, some customers use Voltage  Security. HP just announced that will buy Voltage, so maybe Vertica will be able to offer a integrated solution in the future.

    Hope this helps,


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    If you want data encryption at rest and you do not want a hardware solution you can use products like Vormetric. 



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    For more details on how transparent encryption works see blog:

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