How do I paste a multi-line command in VSQL without the ABORT BEGIN COPY DROP EXPLAIN LOCK war

Whenever I paste a multi-line query into VSQL (Vertica Analytic Database interactive terminal), between each line I get this message:

ABORT           BEGIN           COPY            DROP            EXPLAIN         LOCK            RESET           SAMPLE STORAGE  SET             TRUNCATE        
ALTER           COMMENT         CREATE          END             GRANT           PREPARE         REVOKE          SAVEPOINT       SHOW            UPDATE    

Is there any way I can avoid this?


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    Hey Owen,

    This is an interesting issue, I don't think I have even seen this before! Some questions that will help me troubleshoot:

    - What version of Vertica are you using?
    - What OS are you running VSQL on?
    - What program are you copying the query from?

    Can you provide a copy/paste from your VSQL terminal window that exhibits this issue? Do you mind sharing the multi-line query you are pasting into VSQL? I am interested to see if we can reproduce this. 

    - Mitch
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    Don't use in TAB("\t") character.


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Owen,

    The issue is because, you are pasting your code in vsql and this code is containing tab.
    Try removing tabs from you SQL and it will run perfectly.

    Hope this helps
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    Okay, there seems to be consensus for the cause of my issue. 
    I'll begin using 4 spaces instead of tab. 
    Thank you everyone for your quick response. 

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