vertica hadoop connector



The old version of hadoop connector uses COPY Direct to copy to ROS directly.  The new version of the connector uses INSERT to insert to WOS every 1000 tuples.  I think this is for trickle loading.  I would like to know the tradoff between this two versions.  Which one is prefer?  Thanks.



Ey-Chih Chow


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    I have another question.  I used the old vertica connector to load data to vertica via COPY DIRECT.  It is very fast and takes about 40 mins for our six hours worth of data.  However, from our ganglia chart, after loading finished, the CPU usage is still very high and takes about 3 hours to come back to normal.  I would like to know what's happening and how to improve?  Thanks.


    Ey-Chih Chow 

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