How do we update the time zone database?


For example,


david=> select now() at time zone 'Africa/Johannesburg';
 2015-03-15 14:38:57.038857
(1 row)




However, the following fails:

david=> select now() at time zone 'Africa/Juba';
ERROR 5038:  Timezone "Africa/Juba" not recognized




Yet, "Africa/Juba" is listed as a valid time zone. 






  • Hi 


    This timezone " Africa/Juba" is not listed in the Vertica document for supported timezone for Africa which is the reason behind getting this error.


    I will suggest you to kindly go through below Vertica documented link to check the same:






    Rahul Choudhary



    Is there a way for us to add support for "Africa/Juba" (and all other official timezones that are supposed to be supported), either via a config file or a patch from Vertica?



  • Hi


    I would suggest you to raise a support case if you are an esteemed customer & have support license with vertica then only we can further see if there is a possibility to raise an enhancement request with our engineering expert as you have requested.


    So for now you can use the timezone as have been mentioned in the vertica documentation.



    Rahul Choudhary

  • David:


    We have intentions* of switching over to using the local systems TZ data rather than using TZ data internal to Vertica. Vertica currently only supports timezones listed in the documentation previously linked.


    Sorry for the trouble. Please do follow up with Technical Support if you have a support contract.


    - Derrick


    * Please note that intentions are not commitments. My statement is mine alone; not an official HP Vertica statement.

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