CONNECT TO Vertica with same database names

Hello everyone!


I'm having the following issue:

I have two Vertica 7.1 clusters with equal database names: DWH.


I'm establishing connection from one cluster to another via CONNECT TO:


DWH=> connect to vertica DWH USER ETLUSER PASSWORD 'SomePassword' on 'remote_host',5433;


Then I'm trying to query data from remote_host:


DWH=> select count(1) from DWH.WORKSCHEMA.TEST_TABLE;
(1 row)


But in fact it is NOT empty! When i connect to remote_host via VSQL and execute the same query, it returns non-zero value. So, my guess is that vertica sees equal database names and queries her local table WORKSCHEMA.TEST_TABLE instead of remote table from established connection. Local table IS empty.


I don't know, whether it is a Vertica bug or my misunderstandment.

Please, can anyone suggest the way to export data from one host to another via CONNECT\EXPORT without renaming databases? May be there is a way to create an alias for connection, like db_link in Oracle RDBMS.


Any help is appreciated!


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