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one of our show-stopper in production is to have password-less SSH for ROOT between vertica servers.

We found a by-pass and to use DBADMIN for install_vertica using additional two parameters:



using dbadmin user rather than root.

This phase actually worked !!!


However, the second phase executed by dbadmin username : supposed to create the DB instance ,  using admintools CLI

It keep prompting : “Enter password for dbadmin@ (3 attempts left):”

Pressing enter, and the program will continue and the DB will be created.


Here the actual command that I’m using:

/opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t create_db -s apps-vertica-node-1,apps-vertica-node-2,apps-vertica-node-3 -d  verticaDB -l /opt/vertica/config/licensing/Vertica_IPP.dat -P always


Even if I am adding –p ‘<dba-password>’ , it keep prompting the above request.


BTW, SSH from machine 3 to 1,2 as dbadmin worked fine without password.


Any ideas how to overcome/by-pass this prompt issue?

Thank You.



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    Hello, Gil_Peretz,


    Watch out! Some of those options you are using are undocumented and are unsafe to use without the guidance of Technical Support.


    If you can reproduce the problem without using unsupported options, perhaps we can help you here in the Vertica Forum.

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