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I just installed the Vertica Analytic Db Server VM on my mac.

When I arrive to the Virtual Appliance Menu, I don't find how to do to import a simple csv file on the database.

Thx for your help.11076215_10153161107229210_1319940362_n.jpg


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

     Hi Ciolek91,


    Are you expecting that there will be a import tool in Vertica VM which will easily let you import data form CSV.

    If thats the case, than its wrong. Niether of these  Vertica Enterprise Edition / Community Edition / VM ware image come with any propprietory tool to load CSV in Vertica db.

    No FastLoad like utility in Vertica.


    You should go with the Vertica Bulk Loader COPY command to load CSV or any other data into Vertica.

    Want to explore more on loading CSV.....try going through this link




    Hope this helps.


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    Hi NC,


    No no I'm pretty sure it's not like an Hortonworks Hadoop who ave Hue for example. But from the screenshot that I showed, where can I open a simple "terminal" to write my sql request ?

    There's any ping to do between my laptop & the VM to import the file ? If Yes where can I find the IP address of the VM ?

    Thx per advance


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