ERROR 4056: New Vertica license is expired


*** Creating database: data *** OK [vertica][(6, 1, 1)][000][x86_64]
Creating database data
Node Status: v_data_node0001: (DOWN)
Node Status: v_data_node0001: (INITIALIZING)
Node Status: v_data_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE)
Node Status: v_data_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE)

ERROR: Database data reports (INVALID LICENSE)
ERROR: Database requires valid license file!  
ERROR 4056: New Vertica license is expired
HINT: Visit http://www.vertica.com/about/contact-us
ERROR: Database did not start cleanly on initiator node!
Stopping all nodes
Issuing shutdown command to database
Press RETURN to continue


How can I fix the issue ??


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    Hi Luis,


    What does your license say? If you open up the file mentioned below, you'll be looking at the license that AdminTools will use when creating a new database.




    Warning: the last line (the long line of characters) is your license key, which you are responsible for keeping secret. You must not share that in this community or elsewhere. But you may share the top lines. For example, the community edition license (shipped with the software) shows:


    Vertica Community Edition
    1TB CE Nodes 3


    What do you have?


    - Derrick

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