About vertica-udx-zygote process and its port

Hi, I want to know how the port of vertica-udx-zygote process is configured, and can I stop the process if I don't need it? From vsql I see there are three UDxZygoteProcess on three nodes, with different port: dbadmin=> select * from UDX_FENCED_PROCESSES; node_name | process_type | session_id | language | pid | port | status -----------------+------------------+------------+----------+-------+-------+-------- v_data_node0001 | UDxZygoteProcess | | | 42900 | 22441 | UP v_data_node0002 | UDxZygoteProcess | | | 4874 | 39778 | UP v_data_node0003 | UDxZygoteProcess | | | 23117 | 23601 | UP (3 rows) From Vertica Guide, "The HP Vertica zygote process starts when HP Vertica starts. Each node has a single zygote process." And from netstat command I see the port is bound to tcp 0 0* LISTEN 42900/vertica-udx-z tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4874/vertica-udx-zy tcp 0 0* LISTEN 23117/vertica-udx-z So, 1.Why the port of the process is different on different nodes? Can I set same port for them? 2.If I don't need to use UDX, can I stop the vertica-udx-zygote process? Thanks a lot for your help!


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