Changing IP Adress of an HP Vertica Cluster



I want to change the IP address of all nodes. My installation is Vertica Version 7.0

In Version 6 Administration Guide, I found a section which explains how to do it (Managing database – Managing nodes – Changing the IP…), but in Version 7 Administration Guide, this section has disappeared.


I tried to follow the steps of Version 6 but doesn’t work.


Could anyone explain me how I can change the IP Address of all nodes in Version 7?




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    We have the same problem. In fact, all of HP will be having this problem as the company splits and new IP addresses will be assigned to existing Vertica clusters.

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    How to change node ip address in Vertica 7.1 version.



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    these instructions do not work in my case. these instructions assume you are changing the ip address of a single node in a running cluster. my scenario is that i need to change the ip addresses of ALL nodes in a cluster while vertica is down (e.g., when the subnet on which vertica is running is moved). of course, one can save the database, reinstall vertica and restore the database. but, there should be an easier alternative.

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    Has anyone solved this problem?  I'm in this situation after having moved our servers and getting new IP addresses for them

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     For sure there is a way around it, but it will have to be done the hard way "fail mode .... many times :)".


    But i guess it will be less time and resource consuming to just keep thos old ip adresses ! 


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    skeswaniskeswani - Select Field - Employee

    There is a way to do this using backup and restore.


    Take a backup of your cluster.

    look at the ctlg, info files in the backup (edit the IPs as needed).

    Also ensure you edit the subnet masks etc to match IPs.


    then restore the cluster to the new IPs.


    offcourse, do it at your own risk, editing internal files can be risky.

    If you open a support ticket with HP, someone may be able to provide more detailed information.

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    I am facing the same situation. All the new nodes in a three node cluster have different IP addresses than the old ones. Is anybody able to restore vertica successfully? 

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    skeswaniskeswani - Select Field - Employee

    Yes, there is a way to do this.

    We assist customers with this many time. 

    Unfortunately it is not something we can publish since even a small mistake can often lead to a unstartable database. Hence we have to take care to backup etc.


    Please contact support and they will assist you with this.

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