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Vertica 7.1.1 unable to open adminTools

I am having same issues as previous posts.  But I am unable to determine exactly the problem.


Executing opt/vertica/bin/adminTools simply returns with no error.  From previous posts on this issue, I checked permissions on admintools.conf, but the owner is dbadmin.


The only thing in a log I could tell might some relevance was in the adminTools-dbadmin.log.

Apr  2 18:58:25  [2972] [isOkToRun] owner of admintools.conf (dbauser) is dbadmin.


Not sure what to else to check, or try.




  •  Are you attempting to run admnitools as the dbadmin user, or as some other user (root?).


    Try running admintools as the dbadmin user.

  • Also, I see that you are maybe running in a docker container? I don't believe that dockers are supported and the issue that you are seeing may be related to the docker.


    You can download a VM of Vertica from

  • This is entirely my fault.  I switched from the Docker container and did a straight up Vertica install and I was able to getting a running VMart example.



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