Enabling Vertica native load balancing on Pentaho

We use Pentaho Kettle (v4.1) to run ETL on Vertica (v7.0.1). We want to use Native Connection Load Balancing to distribute the load better. However we have not found a way to enable ConnectionLoadBalance=1 via Pentaho.


Could you guide us on how to enable it on Kettle? Our connections are defined as JDBC.


If specified as a parameter (in Options for the connection), it fails with below error.


Error occured while trying to connect to the database


Error connecting to database: (using class com.vertica.Driver)

FATAL: Database "warehouse;ConnectionLoadBalance=Y" does not exist


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    Figured it out. 

    - Upgraded Kettle to v5.3

    - Changed connection to VERTICA5

    - Added option for ConnectionLoadBalance=1

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