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Fix number of threads and amount of concurrency?

I'm developing a UserDefinedTransformFunction and I want to test it out in an environment where the # of threads is fixed.


It seems that the number of threads is a function of the amount of memory, # of cores, amount of data to be processed, and number of partitions. I can understand how the number of partitions sets an upper bound. But I'd still like to be able to test my function in an environment in which 4 threads are being used.


My computer has 16gb of memory, 8 cores, a very small amount of data ~500 rows, partitioned into 4 sets. However, Vertica only creates 1 thread.


I've tried using a resource pool with plannedconcurrency=4 and executionparallelism=4, but Vertica still only uses 1 thread.


Is there any way to set a minimum concurrency? Or to fix the amount of concurrency?

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