Documentation for HP SPS 2.3

Can anyone share documentations related to HP SPS 2.3? We've recently got the platform and I'm currently still learning the ins and outs of the system.


Would be great if anyone can share their experiences/examples of how you've used the system in your respective live environment as well!




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    Hi Sarah,


    Yes. That's the product that I'm using currently.


    There's a couple of docs that I've seen in training but never got to see the softcopy. The following are listed under HP SPS 2.3 Technical Publications:


    1. SQL Operations, Administration and Maintenance Guide

    2. Developer Guide


    Appreciate if you could help share them. Thanks! 

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    Are you looking for Vertica documentation? (Vertica is part of Haven.) If so, you can find it at www.vertica.com/documentation


    We have an Administrator's Guide, a Programmer's Guide, and a SQL Reference Manual.


    I cannot find anything specific to SPS. Here's another page with more links: hp.com/go/TelcoBigData.





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    Hi Sarah,


    The SPS basically connects to Vertica as the DB. So unfortunately, the link you've provided does not help much as what I need to learn is the SPS software itself.


    Hopefully you didn't it take it the wrong way though - appreciated your help. :)

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