fcefparser() does not exist

I'm using freshly installe Vertica 7.1.1-10 1TB Community Edition and trying to load cef file.


I'm getting ERROR: Function fcefparser() does not exist, or permission is denied for fcefparser().


I checked SELECT * FROM licenses; and got a confirmation that com.vertica.flextable is available.

I also checked SELECT * FROM user_library_manifest; and select * from user_libraries;


It looks like all the libraries are in place but I still can't use CEF loading :(


Any ideas?




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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

     Hi MS440,


    First check if there is this function available in your systems table.


    select * from user_functions where function_name like '%fce%'

    If available then, which user are you using to run the COPY statement.

    It should always be a super user to load from a file.



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    Hi NC,


    Thanks for the quick response. I tried the 


    select * from user_functions where function_name like '%fce%;


    and it shows nothing. :( Then I tried


    select * from user_functions where function_name like '%FCef%;


    and this was successful. Thanks a lot!



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    Hi NC,


    After seeing the function in user_functions table I realized that I've been using the wrong namespace. While working in non-public schema I should use the full name of the function. Bottom line: there is no dependency on the case: FCefParser and fcefparser are both working just fine. The lesson learned: use the namespaces, like you always should!


    Thanks again!

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