Autostart a particular Database

Is there a reference or post which helps me configure a database to autostart after a restart of the server.

I am using the community edition by the way.


Thanks in advance !


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

    Hi DBCoder,


    A few scenarios,


    Vertica is installed on a cluster and not a server. It can be called possibily a server if its a single node vertica installation.


    Rebooting a single node cluster installation.

    If you are rebooting a single node cluster then you can take help of admintools script to "restart the db".

    You can include this script in our /etc/init.d file, this file is run on every reboot, so when you reboot the single host, the sricpt inside init.d will run asking the database to start


    Rebooting a multi node cluster.

    If rebooting a multi node cluster, then you will have to reboot each host one by one. On every host, you include the admintools script to "restart vertica on node" and include this script in /etc/init.d file.

    This will take care for restarting vertica on each node.


    For further reference :

    Admintools script : admintools script

    using init.d file : auto-start services on Linux




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