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Stock Exchange Example Database

Dear Vertica comunity,


I use vertica 7 and i need to use a Stock Exchange Example Database for demonstration

However on example folder i find just VMart ?

where I can find this database?


thanks on advanced for help,


kind regards,


  • Hi mokhtar

    Take a look at this link Stock Schema Example.

    I hope this was helpfull 

  • Hi adrian,


    Thanks for respond you have been really helpful,

    However after loading the database I dont find it using admintools !!


    Thanks on advanced,

    kind regards

  •  You are not going to see it ! becouse is not a database is a schema.

    Login to you database using vsql and run the command \dn to see your schemas

    ([email protected]:5433) [dbadmin] *> \dn
    List of schemas
    Name | Owner | Comment
    v_internal | dbadmin |
    v_catalog | dbadmin |
    v_monitor | dbadmin |
    public | dbadmin |
    TxtIndex | dbadmin |
    v_demo | dbadmin |
    store | dbadmin |
    online_sales | dbadmin |
    dba | dbadmin |

    - using the admintools you will only get information about your database and not your schemas. 



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