Multithreaded Java UDL Source

Hi Vertica gurus,


I have written a java user defined source which I use with Vertica COPY command. It reads data from a given source and writes it into a Vertica table. This works perfectly fine. Now, the problem is that sometimes these data objects could be as huge as 500 GB. So, I was wondering if it is possible to make my UDL Source work in such a fashion that it could read data from the source in multiple chunks and write them into the Vertica table in parallel. I am not able to figure out how exactly I can open parallel connections from within my UDL Source for each input data chunk and push the data into the target table.


Pardon my ignorance as I am completely new to Vertica. 


Thank you so much for your valuable time.


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    Do you work for HP? If yes, can you please explian how you have connected to other data sources using Java UDF and how are you bringing data to vertica staging?

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