Autosys to VSQL execution: issue unsupported locale character encoding

RamailangoRamailango Registered User


I have the vsql command in shell script file. While running the shell script, vsql command has exexuted successfully. Then I run the same shell script from autosys job. It is giving the below error


vsql: unsupported locale character encoding
use a utf8 locale, not a ISO-8859-1 locale


Please provide the solution


  • SruthiASruthiA Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert



       From the error it seems to be there is a problem with locale settings. Please find the locale configuration file in your Autosys configuration files and set the locale to utf8 and then, try executing the autosys job.




  • RamailangoRamailango Registered User

    Hi Sruthi,


    Autosys configuration files owned by autosys admin. It can't be edited. But autosys configuration file using local profiles. The local profiles and linux environment have the LANG=en_US.UTF-8 only. It seems like all set with utf8 only. But still the issue is there. Can you provide more solution to open the mystery.





  • Rahul_ChoudharyRahul_Choudhary Registered User



    Just to let you know that in addition to the LANG variable being set, AutoSys jobs additionaly require LC_ALL to be set.
    I would suggest you to add the following to /etc/auto.profile(where en_US.UTF8 is your LANG):
    export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"
    I beleive that this will resolve this issue.
    Let us know if you still faces any issues after performing this change.
    Rahul Choudhary
  • RamailangoRamailango Registered User
    Resolved by adding the below in script file. Thanks to all.
    export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"
  • Rahul_ChoudharyRahul_Choudhary Registered User



    Glad to know that issue is resolved :-)




    Rahul Choudhary

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