configuring new vertica cluster from cloned servers with existing cluster

I am fairly new to Vertica.  an Vertica install was performed on Dev servers and it is running fine by an admin no longer with the company.  these servers were then cloned for PRD use.  the issue is that the servers still see all the config info in admintools from the DEV servers.  I want to de-couple these new servers from the DEV environment, add new hosts to create a new cluster and then create a new database.


I am afraid if I try to drop the database or anything rash, it would corrupt our good setup in DEV.


I believe I’ve completed the steps to create a new public key for the new hosts in the new cluster.  


any info on this would be a great help.  thanks.  


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    Hello, carlg1000.


    If you erase the admintools.conf file from each machine in your clone cluster, then you will certainly never try to connect to the original cluster. To be safe, you can also delete all of the SSH keys in your ~dbadmin/.ssh directory, as well.


    You'll need to run install_vertica again to create the new cluster.


    Note that both of these operations will cause you to have a "dangling" database, if you had any defined. You'll have files on your system for a database that you will not be able to start. You can only create new databases.


    Did you want to keep your existing database so that you can start it as a clone of the first? That is more challenging and depends on the version of Vertica.


    - Derrick

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    i am not too concerned about the dangling files for a DB i cannot start.  could these files be deleted?  will these files cause a problem if i want to create a DB with the same name on these nodes.  for example the DEV db is called 'dw'.  i would like to create a db of the same name in teh PRD cluster.  

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    i am not sure which files to delete.  some clearly reference the servers in teh DEV cluster.  others do not. 

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    id_rsa is the private key file that gives that machine access to the cluster as dbadmin.


    id_rsa.pub is the corresponding public key file.


    Deleting those would disconnect the clusters.




    To delete the database files, delete the corresponding _data and _catalog directories on each host. You'll find a reference to those directories in admintools.conf.


    Beware: these are instructions on *destroying data*. Be sure you want to do this before you proceed.



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