trying to use spring jdbctemplate to query vertica tables,but getting the below error,


Root Exception stack trace: [Vertica][VJDBC](4566) ERROR: Relation "TABLE_NAME" does not exist
at com.vertica.util.ServerErrorData.buildException(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.vertica.dataengine.VDataEngine.prepareImpl(Unknown Source)
+ 3 more (set debug level logging or '-Dmule.verbose.exceptions=true' for everything)




if i use the same query generated by the spring jdbctemplate code on any tool(DB visualizer) it executes perfectly, but on program its gives above exception.


query generated from  spring jdbctemplate code  is as "select * from table_name table_name_alias".


Please let me do i need to prefix with schema name? or alias name syntax issue?.



sandeep gowda



  • Adding more info


    query generated from  spring jdbctemplate code  is as "from table_name table_name_alias".


    is "select *" need to be prefixed?



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