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I am trying to create a simple external stored procedure and I am getting the below error message. Does the stored procedure creation require special privileges, then what privileges ? Whether external stored procedure creation is done in the right way below. Please suggest.


nlahoti=> create procedure hello(arg1 varchar) as '/tmp/hello.sh' language 'external';

ROLLBACK 4269:  Only the database super user can create procedures



The following documentation link is referred for this information:






  • Hi Richa


    As per the vertica documenteation below is the requirement for external procedure.


    Requirements for External Procedures


    External procedures have requirements regarding their attributes, where you store them, and how you handle their output. You should also be cognizant of their resource usage.

    Procedure File Attributes

    A procedure file must be owned by the database administrator (OS account) or by a user in the same group as the administrator. The procedure file owner cannot be root and must have the set UID attribute enabled and allow read and execute permission for the group if the owner is not the database administrator.


    Let me know if still have any doubts & I guess this pretty much answer your question.



    Rahul Choudhary


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