Vertica Database size



Im running vertica 6.1.3


I want to check on the size of the database using scripts (shell/per etc)  or some type of method, (log file etc, I want get the size of the data regulary.


Anyone have any suggestions or thought on this?






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    There are many ways you can monitor your database size.

    1- Use Vertica Management Console

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    2- Query the system table

    (dbadmin@:5433) [dbadmin] *>  select round((total_used_bytes/(1024^3)),3.3)||' Gb' as DB_Size  from system;
    -[ RECORD 1 ]-----
    DB_Size | 1.471 Gb

    3- Query the projection_storage table 

    (dbadmin@:5433) [dbadmin] *> select round(sum((ros_used_bytes+wos_used_bytes)/1024^3),3.3)||' Gb' as DB_Size from projection_storage;
    -[ RECORD 1 ]-----
    DB_Size | 1.471 Gb

    4- Query the storage_containers table


    (dbadmin@:5433) [dbadmin] *> select round(sum(used_bytes)/(1024^3),3.3) as GB from v_monitor.storage_containers group by node_name;
    -[ RECORD 1 ]
    GB | 1.471

    Note: - this is not raw data, is stored data.


    You can implement a crontab job that will run this query and send the result to an email. 


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    Great, thanks

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