Daily Monitoring Task in HP Vertica ( Telecommunication Field)

Assume that there are three server named HP VERTICA, TABLEAU and Plateau server installed in Telecommunication Company. As an begineer, I would like to know how can I understand the relationship of the above three server with each other. What are the daily monitoring task or the activities that need to be peformed in HP Vertica, Tableau and Plateau ? What are the different streams that I need to look after ? How would you suggest to start with ? Which tables is related with what stream ? Therefore If it is in telecommunication field then how and what are the various activities is need to be monitor ? Please kindly suggest.



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    You can hire a Vertica DBA to do that for you. 

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    Hello Adrian.

    Thanks for the reply. Actually I am working as an begineers in VERTICA and I wanted to do the above asked questions by myself . I have recently installed VERTICA and Management Console on my PC. Thats the reason why I posted the above questions. It would be very helpful for me if you could provide guidelines for above asked questions.

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    I don't know about the Plateau server but i can tell you some Vertica DBA tasks.

    Macro Tasks

    - patching

    - provisioning

    - source control

    - log managing

    - monitoring (host, db)


    In more details :(this to apply to your system let's say)

    - monitor query_requests so you can have an idea of your workload.

    - monitor resource pools usage 

    - monitor data loading 

    - monitor delete vectors


    In general all this tasks will be found in Management Console. 

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    Hello Adrian,

    Thanks for the support. I will first go through Macro Tasks. I will keep you update on the activities that i will be doing under Macro Tasks first and keep you update to you just to make sure if i am going on the right track.


    Thank you so muchf Adrian. I will follow the above task first and will communicate with you if i find any confusion.



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