Trying to find lightweight heartbeat query to determine if a node is up in a Vertica Cluster

We have tried to use a number of different queries to serve as a heartbeat mechanism between our application and our Vertica cluster, and all seem to incur a fair amount of overhead (i.e. global catalog locking, internode communication).   Have any of you found a lightweight query to a serve as a heartbeat, or, perhaps, use a different mechanism entirely to determine if a node in your Vertica cluster is up/down?


Thanks in advance


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    You can use "select 1".  Or use the native connection load balancer with connection failover.







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    skeswaniskeswani - Select Field - Employee

    There are three type of heatbeats you can use,


    in descending order of weight (heavy to light) and ascending order to scope (cluster, node, socket)


    -- cluster check
    vsql -c "select 1;"


    -- node  check
    vsql -h node001 -c "select /* +KV(P0) */ 1;"


    -- tcp  check
    vsql -c "\q"

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

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