How to solve FAIL (S0310), FAIL (S0150), FAIL (S0150) errors through clustering mode ?


I followed the folowing command for installing vertica in CLUSTERING MODE


# /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica --hosts node01,node02,node03 --rpm /tmp/vertica_7.1.x.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm --dba-user mydba


but after installation it shows some errors like  FAIL (S0310), FAIL (S0150), FAIL (S0150)


I wanted to know if all the above error can be solved at one time from clustering mode or do we have go to each node in order to solve the above error ? However if it can be solved from clustering mode then i request you for online documention or video whichever you can provide.



Thank You


Ujjwal Rana


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    Hi Ujjwal Rana,


    Those errors should be accompanied with URLs that link directly to the solution.


    Searching documentation for those values also turned up the results.


    There is no mechanism available via Vertica's tools to make the changes necessary to the system for those failures. In this case, it is up to the system administrator to configure the devices and operating system in the manner necessary for Vertica.


    Why? Mostly because reconfiguring the system for these options is likely to be seen as intrusive and/or there is no single obvious way to resolve the failure.


    - Derrick

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