Vertica IP For single Node Cluster



Can some one help me in changing the IP address of Vertica 7.1 for the single node. I have gone through different docs available online all are showing for multiple nodes but not for single node


Thanks in Advance 




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    Changing IP of a single node cluster in not supported in HP vertica. As the node IP get stored in database catalog.




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    Why your IP for a single node cluster isn't localhost or

    Why you need to modify it?


    Installing the HP Vertica Database at the Command Line


    On a single-node installation, consider using the host name or IP address instead of localhost or because of the following limitations:

    • The -s parameter is required for multi-node installations. On single-node installations the parameter is optional, and the default is localhost. However, if you plan to expand to additional hosts later, you must use the -s parameter. If you do not use the -s parameter, your HP Vertica installation cannot be upgraded to a multi-node deployment.
    • On a single-node localhost installation, the installer does not set up a passwordless ssh. HP Vertica's backup scripts require that the administrator be able to log into the node via ssh without a password. Consequently, if you want to use the backup scripts, you must manually enable passwordless ssh logins for any single-node installation.
    • If either side of a connection is a single-node cluster installed to localhost, importing and exporting data fails. Failure also occurs if you do not specify a host name or IP address for your single-node cluster.



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