How to see the query of Deleted Row Count ?


I wanted  to see all the 100 queries under deleted_row_count when I ran select * from delete_vectors in vsql and it displays as following. How can i see all the 100 queries that falls under deleted_row_count. Please suggest  :-


node_name         | nodeC3
schema_name       | test_vmart
projection_name   | example_dimension
storage_type      | APPROS
dv_oid            | 7897897897801
storage_oid       | 09097897643421
deleted_row_count | 100
used_bytes        | 90
start_epoch       | 5656567
end_epoch         | 4248763
is_sorted         | t


  • The value you see under deleted_row_count is not referencig some queries ! it is the number of delete rows ! or better the number of rows marked for deletion. 


  • Hi 


    This suggests the count of rows that are marked for deletion related to that particular projection.So here in  your case (example_dimension) projection has 100 rows that are marked for deletion & should be purged.




    Rahul Choudhary

  • Thanks for the response. So isn't there any way where I can see the deleted rows ? I mean like what if like i wanted to see all those 100 rows which been deleted ? Is it possible to see the deleted rows ?



  • Hi Ujjawal


    Nope there is no functionality or views which can help you achieve what you asked for.



    Rahul Choudhary

  • Thanks Rahul

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