Running 2 databases on the same cluster/node

After speaking to customer support, I became aware that it is possible to run 2 databases concurrently on the same node and cluster and was wondering how I can actually do so.




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    You can run them in different ports (default 5433) but it is not supported and neither recommended.

    What is your use case? Why you would like to do this?


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    Just for your information this is not officially recommended & neither supported & if you still wish to try the same it is at your own discretion Also as Eugenia said you can run them on different ports apart from 5433 which is default port for Vertica to run.




    Rahul Choudhary

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    I understand that it is not supported - I was just looking to run one for development and the other for QA purposes. I was not planning on running both in the live deployment. 

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    And how exactly would I change the port for the other database?

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    You just need to alter you admintools.conf file. You will find it in the /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf.


    You actual database is running on the default port 5433, in your admintools.conf file you have an entry called last_port;

    -make sure you alter this parameter and give it a different value"port number". 

     Make sure that this port is not in use.

    netstat -antu | grep "port number here"

    After you edit your admintools.conf create a new database, this new database will use the new port you entered in the last_port parameter in the admintools.conf file.

    Finally the admintools.conf should look like this.

    [dbadmin@DCG023 config]$ cat admintools.conf
    last_port = 5439
    default_base = /home/dbadmin
    format = 3
    install_opts = --update --rpm '/home/oracle/vertica-7.1.1-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm' --failure-threshold NONE
    spreadlog = False
    controlsubnet = default
    controlmode = broadcast
    tmp_dir = /tmp

    hosts =

    node0001 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin
    v_t_node0001 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin
    v_t2_node0001 =,/home/dbadmin,/home/dbadmin

    restartpolicy = ksafe
    port = 5433
    path = /home/dbadmin/t
    nodes = v_t_node0001

    restartpolicy = ksafe
    port = 5439
    path = /home/dbadmin/t2/v_t2_node0001_catalog
    nodes = v_t2_node0001

      I don't need to say that this is not recomended and also that you need to backup you admintools.conf file before you try re-invent the wheel :).

    Hope this was helpfull. 

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    Thank you so much!

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