Installation error RPM not installed

We had to reconfigure the disks on our cluster destroying all the data.

I am trying to recreate the database that was there before, but when I try to create a database I get the following error:


Installation error:

RPM not installed on host xxxx

   Please verify the host is reachable and the RPM in installed. RPM version mismatch on host yyyy

      expected [None][None][None][None]

      found [vertica][(7, 1, 0)][001][x86_64]


The same version is running on both nodes, I checked the rpms and the results of rpm -qi are identical.

Why is it not finding the version on node xxxx?


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    Check you rpm-libs pkg version. It might happen that you have more then one installed .

     rpm -qa | grep rpm-libs

    Run this to uninstall the extra

    rpm -e --nodeps pkg name


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    Thanks. We are just going to upgrade to the new version.

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