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Difference in license data size between Vertica 6 and Vertica 7

We recently upgraded from Vertica 6.1.3 to Vertica 7.1.2 and noticed a massive reduction in the amount of license data size used by our data. For a single table that was formerly 7.5TB, it is now 4TB. I need to be sure that there was no data loss involved - just something like a redesign of how the license data size is calculated.  


In my analysis of this issue, I found a table with 5 columns - all integers - all containing the same 3 records before and after the upgrade. The data in each column was a single digit. Before the upgrade, the license size reported for the table was 30 bytes. After the upgrade it is 15 bytes. This leads me to conclude that Vertica 6 calculated integers as 2 bytes in size from a license perspective whereas Vertica 7 calculates them as 1 byte. Does this sound correct to you? Is there anyone who had a similar experience with license data size when upgrading to Vertica 7?


I am extracting the license byte size for each table from the v_catalog.user_audits table.





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