AWS Vertica Instance - for Testing and Experimenting

Hy everybody,
 I was working on project building Vertica cluster on AWS and now my project is complete.
For any of you who wanna try Vertica on AWS i have create an AMI called "Vertica-7.1.2-CE-AMI" with an AMI-ID:"ami-53911c4e" and made it public, it is in sa-east-1b(Sao Paolo/Americas) avalability zone.
The user and password to log into the instance is root:vertica.
The instance runs on top of a m3.medium instance. 1 CPU's /3.75 RAM.(is as low as i could get when running a Free AWS account)is about 0.07 cents an hour.
You can alter the image once you put it on your instance as you like or even use it wit ha larger instance type.

  • To create a database just run the alias called create_db logged as dbadmin.
  • To start the db run the alias start_db.
  • To stop the db run the alias stop_db.
  • To drop the db run the alias stop_db followed by drop_db.

Have fun with it and if you guys have any question i will be happy to help, and also the community admin here are quite experts on the matter.


ohh another thing ! HP Vertica provides AWS images as well but they run on top of huge instances that makes them a bit out the reach of mear mortals... so i hope they won't get angry for doing this.


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    Do not worry, we won't get mad at you =).


    I trained you 2 years ago in Brazil and I see the post that you open and your answers and I can’t believe how much you had learned!


    You make me feel a proud teacher… sometimes, but other you make me feel that I created a monster with all the un-supported  and hacks that you recommend =).


    But thanks so much for all contributions that you provide to our community!

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