Vertica Device mounted with noatime option implication

 Hy all,

 I am facing some high I/O on my Vertica Cluster recently and is not because of bad query or design is just because of high workload and the business growed a lot and the last months and there are no resources to be added to the running cluster. 

 With that said i am thinking of some strategies to improve the nodes performance such as :

  - alter the devices conf and use the noatime option(stops recording the last file access time when the file is just read).

  - thinking of removing the journaling or moving it to another device.


I would like to know the experts opinion on this matter as this would be my last resort to improve a bit my overall cluster performance. 

thank you all



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    Using noatime is fine (in fact Vertica usually asks for this as a hint when it opens files).


    Turning off journals, write barriers, etc., will expose you to a greater potential for data loss if there is a hard power loss.  This might be an acceptable risk for clusters, but I recommend against that for anyone with a single-node deployment.  I suppose doing that to a TEMP data location would be low risk as well.  You might want to test the performance to see if you actually get any mileage out of this optimization... unless you are writing lots of tiny files or doing a lot of DDL the impact will be small.


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