Is it reasonable to rebuild time to time projections?

By increasing the volume of  data in the database is reduced productivity. Is it possible to achieve rebuilding projections increase performance? Thanks!


  • There is not need to rebuild projections, the data is loaded in the right format. if you see a degradation in performance when you load the data, it may be related to data fragmentation in too many ros and mergeout not catching up. So look at the storage_containers and see if there are too many ros containers and check the tuple_mover_activities to see if mergeouts are happening for the projection. You should have 1 ROS per inactive partition.


    You can always force a mergeout by doing select do_tm_task('mergeout','<table>') but be aware that this could be resource intensive as it will treat every partition as inactive.


    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Eugenia,


    The data structure is certainly correct but can be reasonably reconstruct the projection to improve the performance of queries to the data? Thanks in advance.



  • Projectiosn are not rebuild. In that case you need to create a new projection. If you want to keep both projections is OK or you can drop the old projection a leave the new one.

    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks Eugenia, your post is very helpful for me.

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