Performance of Vertica VM



We're running some tests on a newly created VM with Vertica 7.1 and noticed that the COPY operation takes a lot of time.


VM is based on Vertica's virtual machine, but we've increased the resources.

The current setup is, 12GB RAM, 1 virtual socket with 4 cores.

Virtual disk in Indenpendent and Persistent mode.

Hyperthreading Core Sharing set to None.

I/O scheduler set to deadline, nr_requests set to 1024, and blockdev to 4096.

Running on ESXi server 5.5.



We're loading data to a table with only 1 foreign key and only the super projection.

Each file includes 5000 (170KB) records. it takes sometimes up to 20 seconds to load 1 file using the COPY command from vsql

CPU utilization is almost 100% consumed by vertica's process.


The same file I can load on a VM running on my local PC, with much less resources, in 1-2 seconds using VJDBC & VerticaStreamCopy.


There seems to be something wrong with either the VM or system configuration, but I can't seem to find it.


Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?






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